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95 percent of cases settle before trial. Most of the time, mediators facilitate these settlements. Parties often recognize the many benefits of mediation and chose to participate in mediation voluntarily. When they don’t, Judges will almost always require mediation, anyway.

Defining Mediation

Mediation is sometimes called alternative dispute resolution because it provides a way to resolve lawsuits without a trial. Far from the uncomfortable, cold setting of a court, mediation takes place in a neutral setting. This encourages calm, solutions-based discussions among parties.

The goal of mediation is to resolve all disputed issues between all parties involved. Our experienced mediators help achieve that outcome by understanding the facts and law behind the case, listening to the needs of each party, and promoting creative solutions that maximize value for all parites. The mediator does this by making sure everyone is able to express their thoughts and concerns in a constructive way.

Mediators resolve differences in a controlled setting. Sometimes mediation services are held with all parties in the same room. Often, the parties remain in separate rooms, and the mediator carries proposals back and forth. Your mediator will help you identify the type of mediation most likely to promote an equitable resolution.

When Mediation Makes Sense

Mediation almost always makes sense. This is because judges almost always require it, and cases almost always settle. Mediation is the ideal solution when you wish to resolve disputes calmly, quickly, and effectively. Trials are expensive, time consuming, and very stressful. Mediation is not.

A mediator will not make decisions for you. They will offer solutions. You get to make the final choice. If you want to maintain control over your decisions and resolve conflicts in a calm and mutually beneficial manner, then our mediation services are right for you.

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